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Oculus Controller Not Working: How To Fix It

Oculus Controller Not Working

As a VR enthusiast, I have experienced my fair share of frustration when my Oculus controller suddenly stops working. Whether it’s the joystick not responding or the oculus controller not working or tracking properly, these issues can ruin an otherwise…

How To Solve 403 Error On Google Search?

How To Solve 403 Error On Google Search

As a frequent user of Google Search, I have often come across a frustrating error message known as the “403 Error.” This error typically occurs when trying to access a webpage that the server refuses to display due to permissions…

Arnold Is Back With Netflix’s FUBAR To Bang On!

Arnold Is Back With Netflix's FUBAR To Bang On

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new action-comedy series ‘FUBAR’ coming to Netflix in May Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the small screen for the first time in his career with the upcoming action-comedy series ‘FUBAR’, which will premiere on Netflix on May 25.…