Best platforms for Android app development in 2023

Here It is explained that what could be the best platforms for android app development. With the new emerging technologies, having a mobile presence has become a necessity for any business’s survival. As mobility continues to transform industries globally, mobile-first companies are capturing the imagination of ever-increasing mobile security.

Best platforms for Android app development

Obtaining services from a reliable app development company can enable various businesses to build apps that are fast and deliver next-level user experiences. Here are the top android app development platforms that you should consider for your project ahead of 2023 and onwards.

Top Android app development platforms in 2023

1. React Native

Developed and maintained by Meta (previously known as Facebook). It is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework that has become the developer’s top choice in a short span of time. React Native helps develop Android and iOS mobile apps seamlessly. Mobile apps of top brands such as Tesla, Airbnb, and Amazon Prime are the best examples of React Native apps. Swift development and deployment are the primary reasons behind the universal popularity of React Native. Other amazing features of React Native include reusable components, integration with third-party integration plugins for front-end applications.

2. Flutter

Flutter is an open-source open network for developing native Android and iOS apps using a single codebase. It is a revolutionary SDK for cross-platform app development that stands out as it uses a unique approach for delivering apps with a native look and feel. It is an unmatched and very reliable mobile UI Framework for creating stunning apps so quickly by speeding up the development process. Flutter is a complete framework that includes widgets, rendering engine, testing, and integrating API and tools to help developers build and deploy aesthetically pleasing mobile apps.

3. Apache Cordova

It is formerly known as PhoneGap, Cordova is a leading mobile development framework that is developer-friendly. It is a cross-platform development framework that leverages CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript to build mobile applications. It plugins enable that developers to access hardware capabilities such as GPS, Camera, and accelerometer to deliver a native-like experience.

4. Framework 7

Framework7 is an open-source framework that is easy to learn and use. It allows the developers to build android, iOS, and desktop with a native- look and feel using popular web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. It also provides additional support for Vue.js, React, and Svelte. Another attractive feature of framework7 is its stunning elements, including features such as action sheet, list view, pop up, side panels, and more.

5. Ionic (The Best)

Iconic is an HTML 5 mobile app development tool that is used for creating a cross-platform mobile application. It gives you wonderful tools and services to develop a highly interactive app. It has inbuilt features like default CSS components and javascript components for developing a mobile app.

6. Xamarin

Xamarin is a great cross-platform tool that can create apps with an almost native UI experience. It allows you to create the UI using native elements and write the data access and business logic layers using a single source code. It runs on .NET language infrastructure, while built on C# programming. It also allows communication with APIs of mobile devices.

7. Corona

It is a cross-platform ideal for creating games and apps for mobile devices, desktop, and tv devices using just one codebase. This tool speeds up your coding process and you can easily update your code, save the changes, and instantly see the results on real devices. With Corona, your apps are optimized for performance because of the lightweight scripting power of Lua that enhances your app performance at every level. It is free to use a cross-platform app development tool that primarily used in 2d games as it’s great to use for high-quality graphics and high-speed development of games.


Choosing the right Android app development platform is crucial for businesses looking to build fast and user-friendly mobile apps. React Native and Flutter are popular choices for cross-platform app development, while Apache Cordova, Framework7, and Ionic offer unique features and capabilities. Xamarin provides a native UI experience, while Corona is ideal for game development. Evaluating the requirements and goals of your project ahead of 2023 and beyond can help you select the best Android app development platform for your business needs.


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