Where can I study metaverse? How do beginners learn metaverse?

As years pass, computer technologies are becoming more accessible to the general public and that’s why it’s easy to learn and study metaverse. Almost every family in any corner of the world has a laptop or desktop PC and everyone has smartphones with constant Internet access. We have been invisibly present on the World Wide Web for a long time. Numerous instant messengers with free communication have replaced SMS, we follow the lives of friends and acquaintances from photos, videos and posts on social networks, we use technologies for remote work and, in principle, we do a lot of things that were considered fiction for some 20-30 years.

Where can I study metaverse

But if now we observe a clear separation and incompatibility of virtual spaces (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Fortnite and Minecraft), then the metaverse should finally erase all boundaries in virtual space.

The real founder of the very concept of “metaverse” was the science fiction writer Neil Stevenson. He used it in his 1992 novel ‘Avalanche.’ The metaverse was called the virtual reality that swept the whole world, in which people could work, study and just relax.

In simple words, Metaverse is a term that represents a world wherein, virtual, non-existent objects merge with physical things and events within an ecosystem. This unique concept of the metaverse is closely related to virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, as well as artificial intelligence.

The word Metaverse has become very popular in the recent few days and ever since Facebook has said to keep its name meta, it has created a lot of buzz in the world. After all, what is in this Metaverse, which is being called the world after the ‘Internet’. Metaverse is going to be another virtual world where you will get the best experience of the internet. Internet will be at another level once we enter in metaverse.

In metaverse you can do anything by sitting at the home, enjoy all the events without physically reaching there. Apart from this, you can also have the best gaming experience in which you will feel like you’re not in the game but its a reality same like gta san andreas game. Also shopping and doing fun will be also changed. It will change everything in so many ways. So all this will be the reality of coming in future.

The best books to understand Metaverse;

Snow Crash:

Neal Stephenson wrote the science fiction book Snow Crash, released in 1992. You will witness a future America in this mind-bending adventure driven book – where the word “Metaverse” was first used – that is so odd and outlandish that you will instantly know it.

Ready Player One:

This book is unquestionably a necessary addition to the reading list of any technologist while being extremely dystopic, much like the majority of sci-fi depictions of the Metaverse.

Augmenting Our Realities:

This book is excellent for anybody interested in augmented reality fundamentals. Not what augmented reality will accomplish to or for people, but to what extent humans will be infused with these experiences, resulting in the augmentation of the human race, is what makes Papagiannis’ theory of augmented reality so fascinating.


With digital information, our eyesight will be modified and tweaked to become what he refers to as “SuperSight.” This book explains technological advancements and what they will mean favorably and poorly for us.

The Business of XR:

An extremely accessible narrative about the “genesis” of virtual reality. Lanier strikes the appropriate tone in outlining his lifetime’s involvement with the development of VR and how this represents both a scientific and cultural leap from our current reality.


As computer technologies become more accessible to the general public, the concept of the metaverse is gaining momentum. With almost every family owning a laptop or desktop PC, and smartphones with constant internet access, we are increasingly present on the World Wide Web. The metaverse, a term popularized by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his 1992 novel ‘Avalanche’, represents a world where virtual and physical objects merge within an ecosystem. It is closely related to virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. The recent buzz around Facebook’s announcement to rebrand as Meta has generated excitement about the possibilities of the metaverse. In the metaverse, one can work, study, relax, and even enjoy events and gaming experiences without physically being there. It is expected to change the way we shop, have fun, and interact with digital information. To better understand the metaverse, books such as ‘Snow Crash’, ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Augmenting Our Realities’, ‘SuperSight’, and ‘The Business of XR’ provide valuable insights into the potential of this emerging virtual world.


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