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TechTudum is a supportive online community for tech freak readers (although others are always welcome!) that covers the most recent trends in technology, apps, science, gadgets and fin-tech aspects. We’re dedicated to giving our readers witty, insightful, and relatable content that represents a variety of viewpoints. Our content includes a combination of blogs, personal essays, reported features and review service.

TechTudum publishes content on businesses related to tech, analysis of emerging trends in tech industry, technology news and reviews of new tech products in the market. It is one of the unique blog to report entirely on tech startups and their funding rounds. TechTudum offers knowledge about new gizmos and new apps. It is like a reservoir of information on Internet companies & startups across the world.

Everything now days are connected tech world and it’s become our job to serve all types of news and knowledge about tech world to our readers. Keep enjoying and reading our articles and keep sharing it among others.

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Pradip S. is a founder and editor at TechTudum. He writes about tech and games. Since his childhood he has been in love with gadgets and futuristic world hence his passion towards tech is something else.


Pragnesh P. is an author at TechTudum, a tech and gaming blog that helps readers to stay aware of new technologies, gadgets and games. He always been surrounded by gadgets and tech all his life and he loves to read about new and futuristic things. He graduated with honors from VNSG University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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