How to enter in game development! Is there a career in game development?

If you are really serious about making a career in the game development industry, then your CV needs to be outstanding and read this ‘how to enter in game development’ carefully. I agree this may take several years but trust me on this, your CV and portfolio are the impressions that you put in front of a company. And the first impression is the factor that can actually get you shortlisted. Now let’s see what kind of role you can take in the making of games.

how to enter in game development

These wide areas subdivide into more specialised roles. For instance, as a programmer, you can be a back-end programmer or graphics programmer, or tools programmer or many other variations. As a designer, you can be a level designer, a systems designer, a technical game designer, a UX designer, a mission script writer etc. As an artist, you can be a 3D artist, a 2D artist, an interface artist, an animator, a technical artist etc.

Each area is a different skillset and a different kind of knowledge. But since making games is a team effort in most cases, there is one skill that is important for all, and that is communication. I would argue that it’s the most vital skill in game development.

A programmer

A programmer would study programming, obviously. The most demanded language in game development thus far is C++, also JavaScript, Java, Lua. Plus, knowledge in your selected programming area. For instance, a graphics programmer should know OpenGL and 3D math. A back-end programmer should understand cloud technologies and server-client architectures. Each specialization is its own area of expertise.

An artist

An artist should study art in various aspects, obviously. And corresponding digital art tools also. A technical artist needs some technology knowledge as well.

A game designer

A game designer should study design and game design especially. Also, some math, like probability theory, some psychology, some drama. Also play a lot of games, observe them and study them. The best way to study this though is to make games. Take any freely available engine that doesn’t require too much programming on your part and make some games with it.

A data scientist

A data scientist would study databases, statistics, cloud technology, data mining and blockchain technology as well.

A QA person

A QA person would benefit from knowing some programming and technology in general. Knowing how to break stuff, especially software, is the main skill. Also being meticulous in checking everything and reporting clearly are required skills of a QA specialist. Study QA methodologies, automatic testing. Try and break software, especially games.


Marketing/PR is very crucial skill for any businesses. You’ll need to communicate with wide audiences in various kinds of ways. MBA degree in marketing and later internship in any game development company would help you a lot.

A finance person

A finance person should study finance and economy, obviously. Also study the games market. Or markets, because now it’s rather many markets, including mobile, desktop, web, console, various countries, and those are all different.

A producer

A producer is usually someone already experienced in game development. And depending on the company, a producer can be more of a manager or more of a creative leader. Either way, management skills are great for a producer. Also good knowledge of game development process, which can be only obtained by your own work experience.

Cinematic writers and directors

Cinematic writers and directors study cinema-related things can also pursue professional filmmaking or screenplay writing programmes. But should also understand how games are made.

A music/sound person

A music/sound person would study music, composing or sound engineering. Also the related software tools like audio editors and DAWs.

A voice or mocap talent

A voice or mocap talent is generally an actor, so should study acting or maybe acrobatics in some cases. Voice modulation can also be studied to get an edge over other artists.


The world of game development offers a wide array of roles, each with its unique skill set and knowledge requirements. From programmers and artists to game designers, data scientists, QA specialists, marketing/PR professionals, finance experts, producers, cinematic writers and directors, music/sound personnel, and voice/mocap talents, each role demands specific expertise. However, regardless of the specialization, one crucial skill that stands out is communication. As game development is a collaborative effort, effective communication is essential for successful teamwork. So, honing communication skills alongside specialized knowledge is vital for aspiring game developers to make a lasting impression with their CVs and portfolios in front of potential employers.


What is the most vital skill in game development?


What are the different skill sets required for a programmer, artist, and game designer?

A programmer needs programming knowledge and expertise in a specific area, such as graphics or back-end development. An artist needs art skills and knowledge of digital art tools, and a game designer needs knowledge of game design, math, psychology, and drama.

What skills are required for a QA specialist?

A QA specialist should know some programming and technology, be meticulous in checking everything, have a skill to break things, and know QA methodologies and automatic testing.


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