Apple MR Headset Is Delayed Due To Malfunction

Apple Postpones MR Headset Intro due to Malfunction

Apple has announced that it is postponing the introduction of Apple MR headset from around April to June 2023. The delay comes after testing found hardware and software issues that need to be resolved before the product can be launched.…

Chinese Streamers Going Live Under a Bridge – Why?

Chinese Streamers Going Live Beneath Overpass

A video that bears a striking resemblance to a deleted scene from Black Mirror is circulating online. It features Chinese streamers who appear to have gathered beneath a bridge to manipulate an algorithm. But is it truly a dystopian scenario?…

LibreOffice 7.5 Released With Cool Features!

LibreOffice 7.5 Released With Cool Features

The latest version of LibreOffice, the 7.5 community edition, has arrived with numerous updates and new icons. The previous major release, 7.4, had improved compatibility with Microsoft’s proprietary file formats and established LibreOffice as one of the top open-source alternatives…