ASUS ROG GL753: A Gaming Laptop You Can’t Miss!

If you’re in the market for a new gaming laptop, I would recommend the ASUS ROG GL753 which is definitely worth considering. This laptop boasts powerful hardware and a sleek design, making it the perfect choice for both gamers and professionals.

ASUS ROG GL753: A Gaming Laptop Built for Performance and Style

Design and Build Quality

One of the first things you’ll notice about the GL753 is its sleek and stylish design. The laptop features a brushed metal finish and the iconic ROG logo on the lid, giving it a premium look and feel. The design is not only stylish but also functional, as the metal finish helps to dissipate heat and keep the laptop cool during extended gaming sessions.

The build quality of the GL753 is also impressive. The laptop feels solid and well-constructed, with no wobbling or flexing. The hinge is also sturdy and holds the display firmly in place.

Powerful Hardware

Of course, a gaming laptop’s performance is just as important as its design, and the GL753 delivers in this regard. The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, making it capable of running the latest games at high settings.

The GL753 also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which ensures smooth multitasking and quick load times. Storage is also ample, with a 1TB hard drive and a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD) providing plenty of space for games, videos, and other media.

Display and Audio

The GL753’s 17.3-inch display has a resolution of 1920×1080, which is standard for a laptop of this size. The display is bright, with good color reproduction and viewing angles. The anti-glare coating also helps to reduce reflections and improve visibility.

The audio on the GL753 is also noteworthy. The laptop features a built-in subwoofer and Sonic Studio III audio software, which allows for fine-tuning of the audio to suit your preferences. The audio is clear and has a good range, making it great for gaming, music, and movies.

Gaming Features

The GL753 also has a number of features that are specifically designed for gaming. The laptop has a backlit keyboard, which makes it easy to see the keys in low light conditions. The keys are also well-spaced and have a good tactile feel, making typing and gaming comfortable.

The GL753 also has a built-in gaming hotkey, which allows you to quickly launch games or other programs with the touch of a button. The laptop also has a built-in fan control, which allows you to adjust the cooling to suit your needs.


Another feature that sets the GL753 apart from other gaming laptops is its software. The laptop comes with the ROG Gaming Center, which provides an overview of the system’s performance and allows you to adjust settings such as fan speed, power settings, and audio settings. The software also includes a tool that allows you to monitor your system’s performance in real-time, which is particularly useful for gaming and other resource-intensive tasks.

The GL753 also comes with the ROG Aura Core, a software that allows you to customize the backlit keyboard and the lighting effects on the ROG logo. This feature allows you to personalize your laptop and make it unique.

Battery Life

The battery life of the GL753 is decent, with the laptop lasting for about 4-5 hours on a single charge. This is about average for a gaming laptop, and it’s still enough to get through a long flight or a day of classes.


One last thing to consider is the price, The GL753 is priced affordably and offers great value for money when you consider its powerful hardware, sleek design and impressive features.


While the ASUS ROG GL753 is a great gaming laptop, it does have a few drawbacks to consider.

DrawbacksLow battery life (4-5 hours), heavy weight (6.61 lbs), loud fan noise under heavy loads, non-RGB backlit keyboard
ConsiderationsUsers may need to keep the laptop plugged in or use an external battery pack for longer use, carrying the laptop around may be cumbersome, loud fan noise may be distracting, lack of customizable lighting options for the keyboard
OverallASUS ROG GL753 is a good gaming laptop with great features, but the drawbacks should be considered before purchasing.
Drawbacks of ASUS ROG GL753


As per my view, the ASUS ROG GL753 is a great gaming laptop that offers a perfect balance of performance and style. It’s packed with powerful hardware, has a sleek design and a comfortable keyboard. With its impressive display, audio and features like gaming hotkey, fan control, and backlit keyboard, the GL753 is a great choice for both gamers and professionals. It’s one of the best value-for-money options available on the market.

Additionally, the GL753 comes with a variety of connectivity options, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, and a SD card reader, which allows gamers to easily connect to external devices such as a gaming mouse or a VR headset. The laptop also has a built-in webcam and microphone, which makes it easy to use for video conferencing or streaming.


Why are ASUS ROG so expensive?

ASUS ROG laptops are built with high-end components, advanced cooling systems, and premium designs, which justify their premium pricing.

Why is ASUS ROG so good?

ASUS ROG is powered by an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB hard drive and a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD).

Is Asus ROG laptop worth it?

It depends on your needs and budget. If you are a gamer or a power user who needs a high-performance laptop, then an Asus ROG laptop can be worth the investment.

What ports does Asus GL753 have?

Asus GL753 has a variety of ports, including USB 3.1 with Type-C, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Lock Slot, HDMI, mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, and a headphone/microphone combo jack.

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