Why do many people hate Tiktok? How problematic is TikTok?

The app tiktok is not cringe as such but about 90% of its community posts nothing but cringey and useless stuff. So I won’t mind labeling the whole app as cringe. The remaining 10% are using the platform in the way it should actually be used. So my pointers would not probably apply to you.

Why do many people hate Tiktok

TikTok as a Recreator of Movie Scenes and Songs

Tiktok is nothing but basically recreating movie scenes and songs with one’s own lip sync. I wonder how much time lakhs of people are wasting watching those good for nothing videos. It is disheartening to see people reaching stardom without any real work being done while real talent is getting ignored.

Wasted Time and Attention Seeking

Most of the people out there don’t have anything real to do. I believe it is plain attention seeking. Simply put, they develop useless content for likes and views. Sometimes, the attention backfires badly as well. There have been instances where people wrongly upload something and by the time it is taken down, it is already too late to stop it from circulating.

Lack of Productivity for Developers and Viewers

There is no productivity both for the developer and viewer. At least if it’s something informative, it would be worth watching. But MOST of the content out there is *SORRY TO SAY* plain crap. It is sad to see it is mostly the young generation that has been captivated by this app which can instead do something that will be actually useful.

Animal and Bird Abuse on TikTok

Tiktok has become the hub of animal and bird abuse. I’ve seen quite a few videos which were posted on tiktok which are straight up cruel and inhuman. I can’t believe to what extent these sick people go to garner attention. Not to mention the videos which are private and that are posted without consent. Certain videos that are violent, abusive and invasive are taken just for the purpose of posting in tiktok.

Dangerous Challenges on TikTok

Last but not the least, the crazy af challenges that are started there. I can’t believe how stupid people have become to accept challenges that are potentially life threatening. A few infamous challenges that deserve a mention here are the skull breaker challenge, salt challenge, etc. Tiktok is making people lose their minds.

China’s Data Privacy Concerns

I guess I could also point out that the government of the People’s Republic of China can & does request private user data without having to answer to anyone or explain what it will do with the data. That government is simply evil. & the people it victimizes more than any other are the people that live in China — ethnic Chinese, & much moreso ethnic minorities like the Uighur. No nation that values human rights should be trading one cent with the PRC or any company beholden to it.

Think about the number of people using TikTok. Most of them younger people. Not only are they making a semi-permanent record of why a reasonable employer should never hire them. Some of the videos & the bizarre movements these people call “dance” would only be understandable in someone with severe mental or else neuromuscular disorders. But the PRC will also have that data forever: what they said, what they did, where they were, every shred of data they can get from the app being installed on whatever idiot it is phone.

Nixon made the biggest mistake by acknowledging the PRC & opening up trade with them. It was a betrayal of Taiwan (what I like to think of as the legitimate China), & it was done at a time when we were in a Cold War with communism worldwide. I wish someone could explain why we’d put a trade embargo on Cuba, & declare the USSR an “evil empire,” but embrace the PRC with open arms. I mean, except the filthiest form of greed. Now, thanks to that, we have Nobel Peace Prize winners dying in PRC prisons, & using Uighurs as slave labor, & everyone is too scared to lose a dime of that dirty, bloody, corrupt PRC money, so no one condemns it. Disgusting.


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