Earth's Inner Core May Take Reverse Direction!

By Tech Tudum

Earth's inner core may have temporarily stopped rotating relative to the mantle and surface

The direction of the inner core's rotation may now be reversing

This could be part of a  70-year-long cycle that may influence the length of Earth's days and its magnetic field

Studies have suggested that the inner core rotates within the liquid outer core, compelled by the outer core's magnetic torque

The mantle's immense gravitational pull may also apply an erratic brake on the inner core's rotation, causing it to oscillate

Evidence for the inner core's fluctuating rotation first emerged in 1996

Researchers have questioned previous conclusions and some suggest the core spins slower or doesn't spin differently at all

The new study, using global seismic data from the 1990s, made a surprising observation

Some researchers are skeptical of these findings and further research is needed to confirm them.