Apple's Controversial Black History Month Unity Challenge Sparks Outrage

By Tech Tudum

Apple Watch's fitness notification to mark Black History Month receives backlash from customers

"Unity Challenge" message asks users to close their Move ring for 7 days in February to earn award

Criticized for using Black history to promote fitness goals and not taking meaningful action

Comment section filled with disappointment and suggestions for alternative ways to mark the occasion

Previous controversies with Apple Watch including "International Women's Day Challenge" promoting exercise

Apple's Black History Month "Unity Challenge" not well received by customers

Notification encouraged users to close their Move ring for 7 days to earn an award

Criticized for being tone-deaf and not addressing more important issues in the Black community

Alternatives suggested such as supporting Black businesses and museums, or educating about Black history

Not the first time Apple Watch has faced backlash, similar criticism faced for International Women's Day challenge

Incident highlights the importance of companies being mindful and sensitive to cultural issues.