7 ways to find out if your phone camera is hacked!

By Tech Tudum

7. Check for unusual or unexpected behavior on your phone's camera app, such as opening or activating without your input.

6. Look for any LED light or other indicator that shows the camera is in use, even when you are not using it.

5. Pay attention to any unusual sounds, such as clicks or buzzing, that may indicate the camera is in use.

4. Check your phone's battery usage stats to see if there are any apps that are using more power than usual, which could indicate a camera app is running in the background.

3. Scan your phone with anti-malware software to detect any spyware or other malicious software that may be accessing your camera.

2. Look for any unauthorized access to your phone's camera permissions, which could indicate someone has hacked your phone.

1. Cover your camera lens with a sticker or tape when you are not using it to prevent unauthorized access.

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