6 Gadgets Being Used on Shrove Tuesday!

By Tech Tudum

There are few gadgets which come very handy on 'Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday'.

1. Electric griddle: An electric griddle provides a large, flat cooking surface for making pancakes, bacon, and other breakfast foods.

img src: epicurious.com

2. Pancake dispenser: This gadget helps to dispense pancake batter evenly onto the griddle, ensuring consistent pancake sizes and shapes.

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3. Immersion blender: An immersion blender can be used to blend pancake batter, as well as other ingredients for sauces and dips.

4. Waffle maker: While not specifically for pancakes, a waffle maker can provide a fun alternative for breakfast.

5. Electric mixer: An electric mixer can be used to mix pancake batter quickly and easily, as well as whip cream or other toppings.

6. Food processor: A food processor can be used to chop nuts or blend ingredients for sauces or batters.