Twitter’s Controversial Move: Charging for Two-Factor Authentication SMS

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Twitter has announced a controversial change to its two-factor authentication process, which could see users paying for what was once a free service. Previously, users were able to link their mobile phone numbers to their Twitter accounts in order to receive SMS codes for two-factor authentication. However, Twitter has now stated that it will begin charging for this service, with only Twitter Blue subscribers receiving the privilege of using SMS-based two-factor authentication.

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The move has been met with a wave of criticism from security experts and social media users alike, who argue that SMS-based two-factor authentication is already a less secure option compared to other authentication methods, such as physical security keys or authenticator apps. In addition, charging for this service could disproportionately affect users who may not be able to afford a subscription to Twitter Blue, potentially putting their accounts at greater risk.


Twitter has defended the move, stating that it is intended to improve the overall security of the platform. According to a Twitter spokesperson, “We’re always exploring new ways to improve our security features and better protect our users’ accounts. The decision to charge for SMS-based two-factor authentication was made in order to encourage users to adopt more secure authentication methods, such as security keys or authenticator apps.”

However, critics remain skeptical of Twitter’s motives, arguing that the move is simply a way for the company to monetize what was previously a free service. Some have also pointed out that Twitter’s recent focus on subscription-based services, such as Twitter Blue and its upcoming “super follow” feature, could be indicative of a broader shift in the company’s business model.

Regardless of Twitter’s motives, it is clear that the move has generated significant controversy within the online community. As the debate over the future of social media and online security continues to heat up, it remains to be seen how Twitter’s decision will impact the platform’s user base and reputation.

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