PlayStation VR2 Review: Pros and Cons of VR Headset

Sony’s latest virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2, has been generating buzz among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. With a sleek design, improved specs, and a growing library of VR games, the PSVR2 is poised to take the VR gaming experience to the next level. But how does it stack up against the competition, and what are the pros and cons of this latest VR headset?

play station VR2 by Sony

Pros of PlayStation VR2:

Improved design and comfort:

The PSVR2 features a lighter, more streamlined design that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The updated strap system ensures a secure fit, and the built-in speakers provide high-quality audio without the need for headphones.

Higher resolution and refresh rate:

The PSVR2 features an upgraded display with a resolution of 4000×2080 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz, resulting in a smoother, more immersive VR experience.

New haptic feedback technology:

The PSVR2 features new haptic feedback technology that provides a more tactile and immersive experience, allowing players to feel the impact of in-game actions and interactions.

Growing library of VR games:

With a growing library of VR games, including popular titles like Beat Saber and Resident Evil 7, the PSVR2 offers a wide range of gaming experiences to suit every taste.

Cons of PlayStation VR2:

Requires a PlayStation 5 console:

The PSVR2 is only compatible with the PlayStation 5 console, which may be a barrier for gamers who don’t already own one.

Expensive price point:

At a retail price of $399, the PSVR2 is more expensive than some of its competitors, making it less accessible to budget-conscious gamers.

Limited field of view:

The PSVR2 has a limited field of view compared to some other VR headsets, which can detract from the immersion of the experience.

Requires external camera:

The PSVR2 requires an external camera to track player movements, which can be cumbersome and limit the range of motion.

Sony PSVR2 Headset Gear


It is a solid choice for gamers looking to experience virtual reality on their PlayStation 5 consoles. With a sleek design, improved specs, and a growing library of VR games, the VR2 offers a high-quality gaming experience that is both immersive and enjoyable. However, the high price point and limited compatibility may make it less accessible to some gamers, and the external camera requirement may be a drawback for those looking for more freedom of movement. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual gamer to weigh the pros and cons and decide if the PlayStation VR2 is the right VR headset for them.

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